Current Presale

Presales are your opportunity to get the lowest price possible!! You can purchase fragrances in 16, 8 and 4 fl oz sizes. Limited quantities of each fragrance will be available so once a size is gone - it's GONE! Should high interest arise, I will consider opening a 2nd presale round. 

Buy 3 or more presale fragrances (any size/fragrance combination) and get save:

16 fl oz you save $1.00 per bottle
8 fl oz you save $0.50 per bottle
4 fl oz you save $0.25 per bottle

Discounts are automatically deducted at checkout. Presale discount does not apply to in stock items. Presale products are ordered in once the presale ends so please allow 3-4 weeks from ordering for delivery.

A quick note about essential oils. Minimums must be met so the order can be placed with the vendor. This means that it could take a bit for this to happen. Please keep that in mind when you place your order.

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